Anolis Calumma™ XS MC Calumma™ XS MC

Using a single high-power, multi-chip LED inside a compact, elegant, and durable housing, the smallest Calumma is a great choice for many different lighting applications. Complementing both outdoor environments and interior designs, its wide range of beam angles, LED chip colour variant options and accessories make the Calumma XS MC an ideal, extra small lighting solution for any architectural design.

Key Features

Lumen output & Light source
LED provides light output up to 331 lm (@RGBW).
Multiple LED colour variants.
No light spills.
Perfectly homogenised light output with efficacy up to 33 lm/w.
Design & Durability
Lightweight, compact and durable housing.
High-pressure die cast aluminium.
IP67 and IK10
Supported with a 5 year warranty.
Projected Lumen Maintenance
L90B10 >90.000 hrs, Ta = 25°C / 77°F

Standard Product Versions

RGBW (W - 6500K)
PureWhite (3000K)
Tuneable White (Upon Request)

Special Order Options - White Colour Temperature

3000-6500K (Upon Request)

Optic Options

10°x30°, 10°x60°, 15°x45°, 15°x90°, 30°x60°, 30°x90°
9°, 12°, 15°, 25°, 30°, 45°, 65°, 100°

Control Protocols / Options

Finish / Options

RAL 9006 / Silver
RAL 9011 / Graphite Black
Custom Paint Colour Option
Harsh Environment Option

Standards & Certification

European CE
5 Years (Registered)
Vibration IEC60598-1 / 3GANSIC136.31


Land Spike for Calumma XS
Optical Foil Set for Outdoor Foil Holder
Outdoor Foil Holder for Calumma
Pole Adaptor (ø 102mm) (Order Separately)
Half Top Hat Calumma XS (Order Separately)
Junction Box Remote (1x output) (Order Separately)
Junction Box Remote (4x output) (Order Separately)
Optical Demo Set Calumma XS (Order Separately)
Top Hat Calumma XS (Order Separately)
Twin Wall Cover Calumma XS (Order Separately)

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