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Offering architectural lighting designers and installers a new way of implementing creativity and innovative technology into the visual experience, our Eminere series is powered by this comprehensive range of E-Box control systems. Based on the unique installation requirements of each project, the E-Box Lite, E-Box Daisy, and E-Box Star - power and data connection devices -  provide a high level of design flexibility.

Key Features

Specifically for the complete Eminere series . A data and power connection hub serving the fully flexible, easy to connect IP67 data+Power cable system.
LED Output (@230V)
144 x Eminere 1 on 40m cable line
78 x Eminere 2 on 30m cable line
53 x Eminere 3 on 30m cable line
40 x Eminere 4 on 30m cable line
Control Protocol
All versions - DMX/RDM - (Optional Wireless), Stand-alone
Daisy & Star versions only + Ethernet (Kling-net, ArtNet, MAnet, MAnet2, sACN)
Input Voltage (power consumption)
120-277 V AC 5/60Hz (5W+Load)
Physical (max HxWxD version Lite/Daisy/Star)
Lite - 220x81x145mm / 8.7x3.2x5.7in. 2.1Kg(4.7lb)
Daisy - 260x185x91mm / 10.3x7.3x3.6in. 3.6Kg(7.9lb)
Star - 280x255x111mm / 11x10x4.4in. 4.4Kg(9.7lb)

Standard Product Versions

E-Box Daisy
E-Box Lite
E-Box Star

Control Protocols / Options

MA Net
MA Net2
Auto / Standalone
Wireless - Option

Finish / Options

RAL 9006 / Silver
RAL 9011 / Graphite Black
Custom Paint Colour Option
Harsh Environment Option

Standards & Certification

European CE
2 Years
5 Years (Registered)

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