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The MSD Rowan Pump Station - Louisville, Kentucky, USA
HDR Engineers
de Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop

Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America

(86) ArcLine Outdoor Optic 36 RGBCW 12-degree
(4) ArcLine Outdoor Optic 24 RGBCW 12-degree


The MSD Rowan Pump Station at 12th and Rowan Street in Louisville, Kentucky, was designed by HDR Engineers with a facade design by Louisville's de Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop. The pump station is part of a $26,000,000 infrastructure project, and its purpose is to collect and store stormwater and wastewater that otherwise would overflow and pollute the Ohio River. The pump station sits on top of a massive vertical shaft (220 feet deep) that connects to a tunnel which is over 20 feet in diameter and four miles long. The tunnel allows the wastewater to be stored until the rain subsides and the wastewater treatment facilities can handle the flow.

The project designers wanted to envision how the large infrastructure of the pump station could be integrated as a forward-facing visual feature for the adjacent Waterfront Park; needing to make a Public Works system, which was completely utilitarian, into an exciting visual element for the city of Louisville.


Using custom-profiled, perforated aluminum metal panels with 2 perforation densities, a shimmering effect is created as light reflects on the exterior façade. Along the perimeter of the building and inside the façade cavity, a lighting design of Anolis Lighting ArcLine LED luminaires was installed. During the evening hours, the new lighting design provides a soft wash of color and infinite creativity for a structure which has now become a sort of “lantern” shining bright throughout the city.

Municipalities around the world are installing color changing lighting solutions to enhance the design aesthetic of industrial-style buildings. As civil engineering firms continue to look for the ideal, energy-conscious technologies to implement into these public-facing projects, the Anolis Lighting line of IP-rated and rugged LED luminaires offers a wide array of optics, beam angles, color variations, and control options for any design.


The ArcLine™ Outdoor range gives designers the reliability, power and control needed in architectural linear fixtures. Smooth color mixing is ensured by combining the latest high-power LED MultiChips for an even color distribution. The high light output, LED longevity and user-definable color variants make the ArcLine Outdoor range the benchmark for all types of contemporary exterior lighting schemes.

AIA Central Kentucky Chapter – YouTube Video on Project Design

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