Two of the brightest fixtures in the Anolis inventory were specified to light the truly spectacular Marina Bay Sands Hotel complex, which happens to be the most expensive casino and hotel complex ever built.

Project Details

The latest project by the Las Vegas based Sands Corporation was completed in 2010 and needed a stunning lighting scheme to match the architectural design.

Laservision, an Australian based laser lighting company were contracted to provide feature lighting and transform the building’s unique structure and they chose Anolis to be one of the main suppliers of architectural LED illumination.

Together with lighting designer Colin Baldwin and the team from Laservision, Anolis transformed the exterior of Marina Bay Sands with a very large quantity of Anolis ArcPad™ Xtreme and ArcPad™ 94 Integral. Anolis were delighted to be a major part of this project working with Lighting Designer Colin Baldwin who commented “The sheer walls of the Marina Bay Sands 3 hotel towers measure over 200m high and are curved in places making them extremely difficult to light.

After several lighting tests with arc-discharge fixtures I proposed Laservision to test the new Anolis high power ArcPad LED’s, which resulted in extreme satisfaction. I would have no hesitation to recommend Anolis ArcPad™ Xtremes for any number of applications, even tall buildings where brightness, colour saturation and longevity are paramount”

The ArcPad™ Xtreme produces a maximum of 35,000 lumens through two independently focusable modules and is available in white and RGBW variants and a multitude of beam angles. In this project at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel it was paired with the ArcPad™ 94 Integral fixture, which is essentially one module of the ArcPad™ Xtreme and so complements the larger fixture perfectly.

Together the throw of the fixtures was long enough even to light the walls of the three 200 meter high hotel towers, which comprises over 2,500 rooms in total, making it the largest hotel complex in all of Singapore.

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