Bridges and structures can be stunning engineering projects that distinguish cities and are globally recognised. Anolis has great experience with lighting bridges and structures of all sizes in the toughest of environments. Durable and powerful fixtures are crucial for particularly tall or long structures and the high degree of control offered by all Anolis fixtures ensures the lighting design will be produced to great precision for maximum visual effect. Utilising high IP rated fixtures ensures minimal maintenance and excellent lighting performance are ensured for years to come.

Bridges & Structures

Harsh environmental conditions, difficult mounting options and limited service access are all common situations that arise when trying to illuminate bridges and architectural structures but very high IP & IK ratings combined with optional C5M marine grade anti-corrosion coatings help Anolis products overcome many of these challenges. Combined with the ability to customise mounting solutions in our own hi-tech fabrication facility, Anolis has become the go-to-choice for such projects, the high quality engineering associated with all Anolis products ensures the extreme levels of reliability required are always met. The latest optical technology means that also high levels of lighting performance demanded by such projects can be achieved at the same time as offering an efficient scheme in terms of power consumption and unwanted light pollution.

Why Anolis

As a leading manufacturer of premium LED architectural lighting solutions, with over 10 years experience, Anolis is the smart choice for any lighting application. The company values of honesty, integrity and the desire to produce the best possible fixtures are present in our DNA. Since the inception of Anolis, we have always collaborated with our customers and partners to create the highest quality LED lighting solutions with a huge range of applications and projects across the globe. Anolis is proud to research, design and manufacture all fixtures in our 55,000 m² factory in the Czech Republic, employing over 600 people so we have complete control over all aspects of the research, design and production process.